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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Classic Car Gold (OMNI Radio)

Classic Car Gold (OMNI Radio), Classic Car Gold (OMNI Radio) Live, Listen Online, Adult Contemporary, USA

Classic Car Gold (OMNI Radio)

You only know how to fill your own ambition, a selfish spoil girl. Go back to your place you lived before, please go. Classic Car Gold (OMNI Radio) Go Online Radio Are you alright? You can’t be like that, please go. Why are doing like this? Please go. Are you on earth a normal person? You Online Radio temporarily Online Radio don’t come here anymore. If you keep doing like this, your Mom will be in a big danger. Director Internet Radio, long time no see. Hello, Online Radio. From today, our filming group will be in this office. Haven’t you got the notice yet? Oh, really? Director Internet Radio’s all stuff is collected into that box now. What’s the matter? Let me make a long talk in short. I have an appointment, and hurry to go out. Hyung Online Radio I have carefully thought about it. I am talking about the movie. I hope we can continue this project. I've just changed my mind. I will be a coward if I stop it in the halfway. So, I want to finish to the end. Why are you discussing that issue with me? Because I need brother’s help. If the investment is withdrawn, and the film can’t be produced, I will find other investment by myself. I will try to persuade investors, and contact the actors. I will contact those actors who are more famous than those who fled. If I try my best and still fail, I have no Internet Radioce anymore. But, the shooting was suspended because of the current scandal. We are too silly if we quit. I think it’s not only the scandal. You are right. Classic Car Gold (OMNI Radio) But, business is business, and personal life is personal life. I want to continue my film shooting. That is the way I redeem my reputation, and it’s my dignity, too. No matter what you think, I feel I did not hide anything in front of the light of truth. So, I make my conclusion that I can’t cut it and run. It’s a very weird dignity. Hyung, please give me a chance, and I will repay you with a good result. Hyung. Now, I Online Radio I don’t want to say anything to you. Since the result is obvious now, I don’t want you to suffer either, and never expect any repayment. I have to go. Hyung. Did you say that you did not hide anything in front of the light of truth? So, I say you are very selfish.

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