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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Classic Christian Rock

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Classic Christian Rock

According to your saying, there is not a single person who hides in front of the light of truth. And the killer has his own reason to kill. Hyung. Why should I support you? I am not asking you to support me. Without your support, I can rely on my own power to solve the problem. At least, I will not harm Hyung’s company. Who can guarantee? You are right, no one will guarantee for me, but Online Radio At least you can give me a chance, can’t you? Please help me, Hyung. Radios, I would like to help you with my sense, but my sensibility does not let me do so. In fact, right now I want to kick your ass, but I am refraining myself. Classic Christian Rock Don’t you understand what I am saying? Please go to other place to see if you can get any help. When did you come? Just Online Radio Are you busy? Of course. Why are you always coming to visit me when I am busy? How is your mom? She is getting much better. Thanks God. Have you had your lunch? No, I am hungry to death. Please speak loud, fella. Let’s go. Oppa will buy you something good to eat. Online Radio. Why actors are all like that? Since you have been proposed, you should promise to marry, and never give up until the end, right? Why did they keep changing their mind? Thus, this director has no one to direct and has to quit. I never thought they were good actors, so I fired all of them. Who do you think should play the main character? Online Radio, please recommend one for me. Yeah, who is the better one? Who do you like most? Brad Pitt. What part is good for that fellow? What’s wrong? He is so cool, isn’t he? Is that because all cool boys are all frozen to death?Classic Christian Rock That fella is busy dating Angelina Jolie right now. He is not available. Ahh, Brad is so pitiful. He just missed such a good opportunity to be famous, so pitiful Online Radio Right. His fortune is running out now. You are absolutely right. Why do you always order ChickenGinseng Soup, almost every time? I just want to let you eat, so that you can have energy to work hard. My lover, please recharge the energy. You little. Director. Do you have any place you want to visit? Whatever wishes you have, I will grant them.

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