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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Classic Country- AddictedToRadio

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Classic Country- AddictedToRadio

What will you consider? It will definitely be a hot hit. The rep is becoming much more conservative than before. It is Director Internet Radio who has changed a lot recently. I definitely want to help you. Classic Country- AddictedToRadio But Online Radio I can’t dig my own tomb. I will read your script. Please leave it here. Hello. The script has been delayed. Yeah, yeah, of course Online Radio I should have visited you earlier. Is that so? Then, I, of course, should thank you. Yeah, yeah, when do you think it’s good to visit you? The reasons why this script will become Miss Web Radio career turning point, I am here saying three of them. First, the characteristics of the main heroine are unique, never being performed in any previous movies. It’s safe to say the main heroine’s characteristics are unprecedented in Korean movie industry. It’s very fresh and unique. But I feel it’s very ordinary. What you said is right. It’s kind of an ordinary story. But, you may not discover the sharp and excellent significance behind the ordinary storyline. Ordinary people always refuse to accept strange things. But the ordinariness of this character, is just our strategy. People will get thrilled during the process, and feel surprised on this fully charming character. What’s Miss Web Radio point of view? She should have found something inside? Miss Web Radio also feels it’s very ordinary. Did you ever hear that Miss Web Radio received many scripts recently? Other scripts can’t match with mine. Others are just goods, not works. Yeah, we will discuss your script. I assume you have decided to join. Huh Online Radio then, see you next time. Let’s have a dinner together. No, I have another appointment. So, I leave first. Classic Country- AddictedToRadio fella. Hello. Mom? Why did you come back all of a sudden? Why didn’t you call me before you came? What are you doing right now? Why didn’t you focus on your movies? Instead, your personal life seems to be very famous now. What did you hear? Rumors have been spread all over the entertainment circle. You are very famous now. How could I? Did Dad call you about this? Yes, he called me, saying Online Radio that your life will be terminated.

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