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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Classic Deep Cuts

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Classic Deep Cuts

Terminated? Dad is so exaggeratory recently. That is your dad. He is good at gossiping. Even if it is the case, you should not be bothered to come in person, right? Yes, but Online Radio I also miss Seoul. Maybe I am old, now I begin to miss my motherland. I am alright. Don’t worry about me. What kind of person is she? Please arrange me to see her. SoonOk Online Radio Classic Deep Cuts, is your illness serious? I am alright. I only have headache. Sure you have headache. I want to go to Seoul right now. Why? I need to get the guarantee from Online Radio. She now makes both of her moms get sick. She never bothered someone like this before. Why did she become so naughty at this age? It’s not like this. Why? I have thought about this. I will do whatever Online Radio wishes me to. What? I don’t want Online Radio to feel painful because of me. I also like Director, and it is so, why should we worry about other things? Teacher, please join me to stand by Online Radio’s side. If you go to Seoul, please talk with Online Radio’s mom sincerely. Can you promise me? Mom. This is the soup I drank when I was sick. It tastes very well, please drink a spoon of it. You only have energy after eating something, and have energy to argue with me. Radios Online Radio Radios. Mom. I am sorry. Mom feels sorry to you. Sorry. Grandpa, that Online Radio What’s wrong? My mom Online Radio my mom is very strange. Online Radio’s mom. Auntie. Dad, Radios is back. Radios, please come here. Come here with mom. I was wrong. I should have not treated you like that. You had a very hard time because of me, didn’t you? Radios. Please forgive me. Come here. Please let mom touch your hands. Let me hold your hands. I am sorry, Mom. I am wrong. Classic Deep Cuts Please don’t be like this. No, no, it’s my fault. It’s my fault. You were such a cute kid. Thank you for coming back. Thank you. Mom, I am wrong. Mom, I am wrong. Mom, I Online Radio will never see that person again. Mom. I will never see him again. Mom Online Radio Mom, please don’t be like this. Please go to your countryside home temporarily.

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