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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Classic Hits Radio

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Classic Hits Radio

Please stay there until Grandpa calls you back. You little, how can you mess up everything like this? Huh? I am sorry. Hello. Hello. I Online Radio I am Radios’s mom. Yeah? I am Radios’s mom. Are you Miss Lee Online Radio? Online Radio. Please say hello Online Radio Hello, it’s my first time to meet you. I am Park Hwa Yan, hello. Please sit down. Please order your drink. Classic Hits Radio Please give me a cup of chocolate. Yes. Does our Radios take care of you well? Yes. Really? I can’t believe. He is very selfish. It seems you two have not dated for a long time. Mom Online Radio You better not date him too long. If you date him too long, you will see through his disguise. How about breaking up at the very moment you two love each other deeply? If so, you can keep your best memory for your entire life. I am just kidding, nothing else, please don’t misunderstand me. I am here to encourage you to bear your current difficulty and embrace your love with each other. Since you ask us to come here, I think you must be very curious about her, am I right? If only you like her, why should I be curious? Ahh, I am indeed curious about your looks, actually. You look very beautiful, very charming. You are my style. Thank you. I heard you two have had a very hard time recently. I am actually coming here to resolve problems. Radios, please go with me. Go where? Where else can we go? Of course, Classic Hits Radio Australia. Australia? Movies Online Radio Please shoot your movies there. The persons you met last time are still there, that new movie company is there, and that project is continuing. They all appreciate your talents. I met them this time. They watched your last movie and were very satisfied with your work. There are no relations to your scandal. And nobody will care about this kind of scandal either. I will not go. Why not? That topic was over long time ago. I will be here to fight my fate. I will work here, and love here. Please don’t mention it anymore. Please don’t worry about me. I am trying to resolve my problem. Radios. Could you buy cigarette for me? I don’t smoke that brand name.

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