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Friday, December 20, 2013

Classic Radio JAR101

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Classic Radio JAR101

Please forgive me. Plus, please permit me to meet with Online Radio, Chairman Lee. I will make Online Radio the happiest person in the world. I have confidence, Chairman Classic Radio JAR101. If only you disappeared, Online Radio would be happy. How bad is it for our family to entangle with you in such a way? My son passed away, then my granddaughter, because of this, is it not enough? Now, are you going to send off my daughterinlaw, too? Online Radio’s mother is in schizophrenic disorder now. She is thinking Online Radio is Radios right now. Her soul has been out of her body. She may never get recovered from her illness. Our Online Radio, just finding her real mother after she was lost for so long, now may lose her mother again. Is that the happiness you are looking for Online Radio? What kind of confidence do you have? You have confidence to what? Please say one in front of me! Please leave our Online Radio alone. If you really love Online Radio, you should let her go. That is your true love. Even if I cry all day long, shouting your name till my voice cracks, will I find you? Can I stay alive till I wipe you away from my eyes? Let me cry as much as I can. Can these marks be wiped away? It's a sin by believing in love. So I'm paying it back with pain. It's like living in the pain of love, with the punishment you gave me. It looks like the situation is getting worse and worse. Her mom Online Radio I know. You also heard? I guess the mess in her family will be beyond our imagination. Online Radio should be very painful. Why did the situation become like this? Radios. Classic Radio JAR101 Director. Tomorrow? Of course I am busy. Not busy. See you tomorrow night. Where? Don’t you want to eat something? I will buy you whatever you want. Why are you like this? I want to tell you something. No Online Radio What will we eat? Oh, I remember something. Then Online Radio that Online Radio Director and I Online Radio When I first came to Seoul, Director treated me in that restaurant where you were badly kicked by me then. When was I kicked by you? I get it, I get it.

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