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Friday, December 20, 2013

Classic Rock 88.7

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Classic Rock 88.7

To be honest, I don’t like that place Online Radio I get it, hmm. Online Radio. Director. You came very early. I am always on time. Classic Rock 88.7 Why in a sudden do you treat me a dinner? Ahh Online Radio We are here to celebrate Mr. Internet Radio’s th birthday. Congratulations! Now we are singing you a birthday song. ‘Today is our director’s birthday’ ‘Happy birthday, happy birthday’ ‘The loved ones gather together’ ‘Congratulate to you, congratulate to you’ ‘Today is our director’s birthday’ ‘Today is our director’s birthday’ ‘Happy birthday, happy birthday’ Congratulations! You little Online Radio Please blow up the candles. Happy birthday, Director. Don’t you know I was in contempt of this kind of party? Here you go again. I am not in contempt of this Online Radio It’s Online Radio It’s my longtime wish to have this kind of party at this place. Did you not have a big party last time? That one is that one and this one is this one. What? Birthday gift. Don’t you give me the birthday gift? Ahh, it seems this is not Director anymore. You little, didn’t you ask me for gift everyday? Ahh Online Radio Please close your eyes. Why should I close my eyes? Hurry, please close your eyes, hurry. You can open your eyes. What is it? Is it not a stone? That is my birthday gift for you. Are you kidding, Online Radio? I am not kidding. It’s my gift for you. I picked it up from Jejudo. When I was walking along the seashore, there was this strange fella calling me all the time. You little! It seems you have gained lots of knowledge. She looks like me, doesn’t she? She is spherical, very tough, very beautiful. Classic Rock 88.7 So, she is called Online Radio Stone. Online Radio Stone. Please throw that stone, into the hearts of people in the world. not the glass window in Building . Instead, throw the stone into the hearts of people, using Director’s movie. Please do direct an excellent movie. Director is the most famous person in the world, is the kindest, bravest, coolest person in the world. You sing very well. You run very fast. You are a good cook, too. You can shout loudly.

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