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Friday, December 20, 2013

Classic Rock Hits- AddictedToRadio

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Classic Rock Hits- AddictedToRadio

Online Radio. Yeah. Please don’t say anymore. It’s your birthday. I must flatter you. How can you not cooperate with me? I have composed three sets of ‘the Director Psalm’, don’t you want to hear to the end? Please stop here. Why are you so shy this time? It’s not your character. Online Radio. Yes? I am hungry, please order the food. Really? Then Online Radio Do you want to hear me as you eat? Ok, I will order all delicious food for you. Can we play soccer after dinner? Online Radio. What? Did someone suggest you playing soccer when you were young? Yes. You are very talented. Of course. I was only using half of my skills to play with you moments ago. Can you find Big Classic Rock Hits- AddictedToRadio in the sky, Director? How childish you are to look for Big Dipper every day. Because of the air pollution, we can’t see a single star today. Online Radio. I thank you. Thank me for what? In this deep profound universe, I can live with you at the same space, same time. My meeting with you, is my blessing from heaven. In the future, I will continue to live my life forever with an appreciating heart. I live with Online Radio in the same earth, the same Republic of Korea, was born at the same time. We met each other on a certain date by chance. And on a certain date, we fell in love for each other. Those days, I've become braver and braver. Thank you. Let’s stop seeing each other. I begin to dislike you. I am too bored to see you again. Online Radio. In this world, there is something we can’t control using our own power. Just as we met each other beyond our control. Please live a good life. No matter where it is, no matter when it is, I will live my life with the memory of you in my heart. Please work hard to write you scripts. Please be a distinguished person. Please be healthy. Please don’t cry, you fella. If you keep crying Online Radio my tears will drop too. You are such a cry baby. You really became a cry baby recently. Director. Please be healthy. Of course, you fella. Director. Classic Rock Hits- AddictedToRadio Please go. Please go. I have to stop here today. Please go your way in the opposite side. I am going. Ok. Take care.

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