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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Classical- AddictedToRadio

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Classical- AddictedToRadio

Can you do that for me? Hearing those kind of confession is my lifetime wish, ever since I was a kid. Web Radio, you've seen too much dramas. Don't ever try to imitate those cheapskate plot. Web Radio, I thought you'd be different, but why are you just like all the other girls? Ah, I've thought about it. There's somewhere I want to bring you to. Where? Alcohol? Read one everyday. After you finish reading them, we can discuss it together. They are all very interesting books. Looks tasty! Wah, really delicious! Classical- AddictedToRadio Darling, are you home? Darling, you are home early today. Because I miss you. I don't know. Come here and sit. These are the books you should read tomorrow. Today I only bought books. What's your feeling after reading? I'll bring it here. Girl, what are you thinking about? You seem so absorbed. Classical- AddictedToRadio, I just spread my wings of imagination. What kind of imagination? No, so I Online Radio When I finish reading these good books, I can be a good script writer, right? Of course. You can be a really good script writer. Wait a minute, I still have to find a few more books. Web Radio. Do you want to play a game? It's too late, what game? I don't want to play. Don't be like this. Let's play a game! I said I don't want to play. Really not playing! Are you alright? I understand. Thank you, Seon Jeong. He said she wanted to go home early, so they parted early. Really? Doesn't she pick up her handphone at all? Is there really no other place she can go to? Maybe she went back to her village? Not possible. Why would she want to go back there? I'm home. Internet Radio, What happened? Do you know how long Internet Radio had waited before he left? That Online Radio My battery was empty. Since you promised to eat dinner with him, you should keep your promise. With whom were you together? Classical- AddictedToRadio Really? Mom Online Radio What? About going to America Online Radio is it okay if I don't go? What are you talking about? No, so I'm saying Online Radio I don't have any confidence. It's okay. That's why you are going together with mom. I just want to go to a university here.

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