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Saturday, December 21, 2013


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If you really want me to study in a university, I'll do it here. Starting from tomorrow, I'll study real hard. Is there any other reason? No, no. No, I just don't have enough confidence. Mom, I don't want to go. I want to go to university here. Internet Radio. No. There's no turning back. Just trust your mom and follow me. Ah. Internet Radio parents invited you to lunch. Classical.24 Go have lunch with him! Mr. Han's parents? On your last birthday, they were overseas and couldn't come back to see you. So they want to treat you to a meal before you leave. They are all openminded people. I'm sure they'll like you. But still, be careful in front of them. Keep this in mind and be careful, ok? This boy! What have you done? No, it's okay. I already said I'd support you. So I can't be like this. Of course. Let's drink. But is it really going to be okay? What? You have a lot of burdens now. Is it okay to just suddenly start seeing each other like that? We have to try it. Even though I shouldn't say this, she's still too young. And she's unprepared for the upcoming things that are going to happen. Maybe the two of you will be in deep pain. So do you have any plan? Not really. How could there be any plans for matter like this? I don't even know that such a thing could happen to me. But when it happens, what can I do about it? I can only take it as it comes. It makes people worry. Classical.24 Have a drink. Please say out everything that you know. Regarding what? What's the relationship between Internet Radio and Internet Radio? I think it's relatively suspicious. She suddenly said she didn't want to go to America. Do you know what the reason was? I Online Radio Just say it! Internet Radio has always liked Internet Radio, no doubt about it. I know I should've told you this earlier, but I was afraid it'd be a big blow to you. Are you sure? Didn't I say it last time? But you scolded me. Just use whatever method to take her away as quick as possible. That's the only way out. I think the problem is quite serious. Looks like she really really likes him. What about that guy? What about that guy? How could Internet Radio be like that if he's in the right state of mind? Then what about Internet Radio? Does Internet Radio know about this? Hm, he should be able to feel it too.

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