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Sunday, December 22, 2013


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Even I can see it. Lately your mother has been so happy. Before that we couldn't see her smiling face at all. But now she's always smiling. And she has started socializing with people. After losing Internet Radio, she was in so much pain. It must've been God's challenge on her. You must be real good to her. Understand? Yes. But lately, our Internet Radio has been telling us a lot about you. Before, he was always so quiet at home. But he's been quite talkative lately. Ah. I heard you went to a university back in your village. What was your major? Ah that Online Radio What was it again, Internet Radio? Were you in a bussiness management school? ClassicHitsToledo Ah that Online Radio It's rearing of animals. Rearing of animals? Yes, it's called the rearing of black goats. It's a major that's started only a few years ago. Internet Radio likes to joke around. I'm sorry. My parents are very concerned about that kind of matters, so Online Radio It's okay. I didn't know they suddenly asked such things. Anyway, just wait until you come back from America. Ah. I'm not going to America. Mr. Han. I have a favor to ask. A favor? I Online Radio like Director Internet Radio. I really like him. Really, really like him. Can you help Director and me get together smoothly? My mother and grandfather always listen to you. I'm going to get married to senior Internet Radio. I hope Internet Radio oppa can help me. My mother always listens to you. Internet Radio. ClassicHitsToledo Don't you know who Internet Radio is? I know. But I don't care. Even after thinking it over a few times, I still don't care. Come to your senses, Internet Radio. It's impossible. Do you have any conscience at all? I'll pretend I didn't hear what you've just said. Quickly, get your thinking straight again before things get blown up. We haven't decided on the main male character. We're still looking into a few people. Yes. Okay, I'll see you then. Are you busy? Oh, no. Please sit down, Hyung. Have you heard about Internet Radio? About her going to America? I brought her to meet my parents today. We had lunch. I kept praising her at home. Actually I was hoping we could get engaged before she leaves.

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