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Sunday, December 22, 2013


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Am I rushing things? I don't know why I'm like this. My heart is so moved like a young teenager. I think Internet Radio has that kind of attraction. Whenever I'm with her, I feel so happy and comfortable. Actually, this is the first time I can face the woman I like so calmly. Even though it was a bit embarassing at first, now I really like that. Before she leaves, let's eat together. When do you have time? Claudionomy What? Let's have a talk. What do you want to say? I Online Radio love Internet Radio. We've known each other since her name wasn't Internet Radio yet. And from that moment, we started having feelings for each other. Internet Radio. Even though I feel sorry towards you, there's nothing I can do about it now. Do you think that's possible? She's Internet Radio sister! I know. That was why I was in pain too, and I was bothered for a long time. You Online Radio Your feeling now isn't real. You are still unable to erase Internet Radio image. So Online Radio Do you really think like that? Yes. She looks like Internet Radio. That's why you are like this. I'm sure of that. So what do you plan to do now? So what are you going to do in the future? Are you going to marry her? Are you that kind of intolerant and scary person? Just think as you wish. Have you thought of the things that are going to happen? It's better to forget about it now. You shouldn't do this if you really care about Internet Radio. How hard it was for her to find her family Online Radio How much pain she's going to experience Online Radio Have you thought of them? I won't tell Internet Radio's family about this. Just forget about it quickly. I can't forget about it. I'm also thinking of how to lessen her pain now. So if I can find a way, it'll be good. portions of kimchi dumplings, and one portion of meat dumpling please. Wah, it looks tasty. How much is it? Director. He's not in. Mom. Where are you now? I'm with a friend. Claudionomy Come home now. Come back now. If not, I'm going to be there. From now on until you go to America, don't go outside of the house. If you want to go out, I'll go with you. Why? Don't you have anything to say to me? If you have nothing to say, then I can't say anything either. Don't say anything, just follow what I say.

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