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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Comedy 104 [EXPLICIT]

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Comedy 104 [EXPLICIT]

She just follows him because he is a teacher. Anyway, she's leaving in a few days, so Online Radio no matter what you heard, from whomever you heard Online Radio don't worry please. I'm telling you not to worry. I didn't misunderstand Internet Radio at all. I haven't heard anything before. And I won't care about it later either. Thank you. In fact, I like her more and more recently. She's innocent, and is not biased towards people. She's like a friend. That's what I like about her. In fact, everyone is different from others. Comedy 104 [EXPLICIT] Ah, nothing. Are you ready for the trip? Oh, yes. Where will you stay after arriving? We asked Internet Radio's uncle to find an apartment for us. I can help to find an apartment there too. I'm not busy recently. You can help us? Thank you. Are you serious? Do you really want to visit Internet Radio's mom? Are you gonna be fine? I'm fine. Ah, maybe I won't be able to see you ever again if you go there? What if they beat you up? You! Sorry, I'm sorry. Because I am so worried about you, I've talked too much. No Online Radio It may turn out like that. It won't matter anyways. There's no other ways but to face it Online Radio I'm fine. Don't worry. I'm strong. If they beat me up, I'll just put on some medicine. Yah, Internet Radio, you are even in the mood for a joke now? You started it! Grandpa? Oh, Internet Radio. I Online Radio have something to tell you. Come here and sit down. Even if you didn't come, I would look for you. Ah Online Radio Come here. Alright, tell me. I Online Radio about studying in America Online Radio I don't wanna go there, please help me, Grandpa. I really don't want to go. No Online Radio I mean Online Radio I can learn just fine here, so Online Radio I mean Online Radio studying abroad Online Radio that kind of thing Online Radio It is not a good thing maybe Online Radio Internet Radio Online Radio Yes? Talking about your mom, I hated your mom for a long time. Your mom hated me too. However, the truth is, your mom is a very pitiful woman. What sin did she ever commit? Tragedies just happened one after another, for her husband and her daughter.

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