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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Comedy- AddictedToRadio

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Comedy- AddictedToRadio

These all suddenly happened in a short period of time. I hope that you can understand your mom a little. Your mom may give you so much stress. There's no another woman as pitiful as your mom. Don't say anything else. Go to America with your mom. When you go there Online Radio no Online Radio I've finished all my words. Clean your relationship. Don't worry too much about your mother in the village. I'll take good care of her. Your first movie was about the second generation of overseas Korean being outcasted in society. The story this time is about overseas Korean again? Does it have a close relationship with your own situation? Anyway, it is about the special world that I know. I Online Radio heard that when you were in Australia, you lost your lover in an accident Online Radio Ah, I'm sorry. Is this question too uncomfortable for you? No, that's ok. You quit the movie industry at that time and refused to leave your house for a long time. Hope this new production becomes a great chance for you, Online Radio, to leave the sadness behind. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the interview. It'll come out as soon as I put things in order. Thank you for you work. Yes. Yes. Please go back safely. Director, did you hear the news? What news? About Internet Radio Online Radio It is said that she's gonna marry Mr. Han. Oh, really? Ah Online Radio You didn't hear it. It is said the two families are working on it now! Ah, Cinderella, Cinderella, we heard about it a lot of times. It's really miraculous when you see it with your own eyes. Frankly saying, she's gonna be Mr. Han's wife? Is it reasonable?! I didn't know Mr. Manager's like this. He's just like everyone else, huh? Men's ambitions can be quite scary, right? Comedy- AddictedToRadio Anyway, a country bumpkin is flying into the sky! Don't talk too excitedly. Director? See, you changed your attitude already? She's the one who's gonna become Comedy- AddictedToRadio wife, but you didn't treat her well before. Didn't you just changed your attitude too quickly? What's wrong with him? Hello? Director Internet Radio? I'm Internet Radio's mother. Yes. Do you have time tomorrow? I want to treat you to dinner before our Internet Radio leaves.

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