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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


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Is it ok? Why suddenly eating outside? Because the pasta's delicious here. I'll miss it when I leave for America. ComedyPipe, you're really Online Radio The pasta in America is even more delicious! Is it? Internet Radio, eat with mom, and then let's go to the shopping mall and get things we need. And get presents for your cousin too. Shall we order now? Hmm, let's wait for one more person. Who? Director Internet Radio. He has helped Internet Radio study a lot these days. Shouldn't I at least treat him to a dinner? Internet Radio, did mom made the decision too selfwilledly? Anyway, it's good for you too. You've got this chance to say goodbye. You haven't say goodbye, right? Come here quickly. Don't be nervous. I asked you to come on a good will. Shall we order the food now? Yes. Internet Radio Online Radio Why don't you eat at all? No, I am eating. Online Radio, shall I give your some wine? No, I'm fine. ComedyPipe Actually, I have something to say, so I asked you to come here today. From now on, I'll treat you as our family member. After I found our Internet Radio, I thought about it. I have to live with a kind heart in order to bring Internet Radio good luck. Our Internet Radio, she died because of me anyways. Not because of you, but because of me. Because I was against your relationship, I killed her. I think so. What fault did Online Radio you have? You didn't do that intentionally. I'll forgive you for everything. Let's get along peacefully from now on. Internet Radio, you've heard that, right? About Online Radio and your big sister. I hated Director a lot, but I won't anymore. For your future, your mom has to live with a kind heart. Internet Radio, I hope you can take care of our Internet Radio as your sister from now on. Keep in touch even when she goes to America, and take care of her as your real sister. From now on, I'll think of you as my first son, a substitute for Internet Radio. Please forgive me. ComedyPipe Let's restart on a good terms now. Internet Radio, you also heard about your sister and Online Radio. I hated Online Radio, but I'm trying not to now.

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