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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cool FM Worldwide

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I always think of his face. Web Radio. Mom, can't you at least be on my side? Huh? Can't you understand me? Web Radio. Don't cry. Don't cry, my child. Web Radio. What are we to do? Huh? Don't cry, my child. Uh Online Radio Director? What? Uh Online Radio ummm Online Radio did Internet Radio? Internet Radio what? Although I would never think this, the people in the office are saying weird rumors. Cool FM Worldwide What rumors? Ah.. That you and Han Internet Radio are fighting over Internet Radio. It really doesn't make sense, huh? I just fought them right now. Usually welloff people like to spread those kinds of rumors because there are a lot of people to be jealous of. I know your relationship with Internet Radio the best. Internet Radio is the type you hate the most. Right? Can you get out? I have a lot to think about right now. Yes. But, I just said something inappropriate, huh? You must be very tired because of the scenario. I said something so inappropriate. So, I'm leaving. Hello. Internet Radio, come see me. You look tired. Do you have some thoughts? Yeah. I met with the CEO a few moments ago. He was very worried about you. You seemed carried off by some other things besides work, so he was worried. Me too. Your movie is being handled by my company. While the director is thinking about other things, I don't think the movie is going to do well. Don't worry. I'm doing my work well. I have faith in you as a director. I can take care of the CEO. Making a wrong decision, I hope you don't mess up your life. I Online Radio Really treasured you and liked you. I wanted to push you on. Not as a screenwriter, but as a person, I liked you. So.. So, my heart hurts. How we became like this.. It's sad and disgraceful. Cool FM Worldwide See this as my last warning, I can't take responsibility for any other happenings. It's okay, I'm not scared. If I was scared, I wouldn't have even started it. Finding your mother, going to Web Radio, I thought everything was happy, but Coming up here, all you did was date, punk? You don't have anything to say for yourself. You let your grandfather and mother cry their blood, turn the house upsidedown, What is this? If your money problems disappeared, you should study.

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