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Friday, December 27, 2013

Country Bear New Country

Country Bear New Country, Country Bear New Country Live, Listen Online, Country Radio, USA

You said that you were becoming a scenario screenwriter. What the heck? Scenario screenwriter, what the heck? Did you use that to get into a relationship? Stop it, teacher. You're going overboard. Dating is good, the man is good. But, you shouldn't give pain to others while doing it. It's not a stranger, but your real mother! And, your sister Online Radio Web Radio Online Radio Set your mind straight and follow your mother to study. Time passes. It doesn't take long for it to pass. Do you understand? Hello. Hello. Internet Radio? Hello? Why are you here? I thought you went to America, but you didn't go yet? Yeah. Um Online Radio . Country Bear New Country Director? He went to the local café to meet potential cast members. Then, goodbye. Drink up. I had always wanted to do a movie with you. I made this character almost especially for you. Since you already did some work in a fighting movie, this calm character can serve as your change, wouldn't it be nice? Ah! It's good. Truthfully, I wanted to work with you too. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. But, my schedule is a bit complicated. Yuh Jun has got a job in a drama. For that to finish, it will take about two months. But, wouldn't that be too late? Then what are am I doing? I'll push it later. Ah Online Radio Really Online Radio it's her first Online Radio so, I'll try to fit it in. Country Bear New Country Director, why did you call so late? I really have to do it with this Director. Yah, I have to do it with only you. But, who is the male actor? Oh Online Radio Shin Yun Jun has taken that part. Oh, Shin Yun Jun? Do you like that? Of course. Wow. Now we really have to fit it in. I hope it will be a success. I trust you. Take Care. Yes. Ah Online Radio I have to do it with Web Radio. Do you want to die? When did you come? Is she pretty or am I pretty? How did you get out? Is she pretty or me? Is your mother okay? Who's prettier? Ah, you punk! You already know. Of course, Web Radio. Are you an actress? I'm going. Why? I'm going. Punk, what's wrong? What? Ah, people are looking. Tell them to look. Aigoo. I really, really wanted to see you.

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