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Friday, December 27, 2013

Covenant Radio

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Punk. Director, you didn't want to see me? Every time I breath, I want to see you. How come you are so similar to me? Just wipe off the ice cream on your lip. Oh yeah Online Radio are you hurt from my mother's beatings? It hurt a lot, huh? Did you get a bruise? Why do you talk so loud? Director Online Radio What? What do we do now? What do we do? Director Online Radio What? Let's run away. We're supposed to run away. We're supposed to go to the countryside and change names. I'll do it and you can continue to make movies. Covenant Radio Web Radio.. I'll help you as you do your movies, and even do your scripts. Do you take interest in agriculture? They say farming is the least stressful job. Are you kidding? I'm not. I really want to run away. I have courage to. I don't know about you though.. In my situation, I don't think running away is an option. I will never run away. Those are only for cowards, I won't stoop so low. I'll clash with them strongly, and strongly get their approval. You don't trust me, Web Radio? I do. You say you trust me but, what? If we run away, what are you going to do about your mother? We can hurt your mother's heart twice. Even though you're her daughter, how can you have no thoughts? Go to New York! What? I was thinking, but that is for the best now. Wait, where? Go to America. After I finish my movie, I'll follow after you. What your mother needs is time. She had a huge shock. The only thing that can heal that shock is time. To finish my movie will take about months. Study hard for those months. It's not that far away either. We can send and receive email, and call each other everyday. Covenant Radio I'm going to make my movie a success, in the long run be a success, and then come for you. Until then, you have to respect your mother: emotionally, physically, and mentally. I can't do those that well. Then do it your way. You have to be sensible now. Koreans are too led by feelings, like you Web Radio. Me? Don't make a mistake. Choose your way carefully. While I make my movie here, I'll try to ease my way into Grandfather's heart.

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