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Friday, December 27, 2013

Crankin Oldies

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I'll be their cool guy. I don't want to go. Why? I don't have courage to be away from you that long. It's fast, punk. I don't want to go. I don't have courage. I won't go. They're going to try to set me up with Han Internet Radio. I told you that I don't have courage. What do you mean you don't have courage? What? Are you saying that if Internet Radio is good to you, you'll fall for him? Who said that? Let's leave. Why? Because your voice is so loud, people are staring. Loud voice, you're the one talking loudly. I didn't even eat at all. Hey. Say it again. What does not having courage mean? My mother's Online Radioce for me in the future. You didn't say it like that. When? It's the end. You always say stuff like that. Don't say stuff without knowing! If you fall for Internet Radio, I'm not going to leave you alone. Aigoo, you think you're strong? I didn't mean it like that. I won't go. You don't even like me. What? If you love me, how can you be away from me for months? That means you don't love me. Crankin Oldies Punk. If you love someone, you should hold on. Is love staying by their side and just hoping? Not being able to stay months apart is love. You just know cheap talk. Yeah, I am cheap. Did you just find out? You must be lucky to be so high and mighty! So, hurry up and tell me not to go. Go. Ah, tell me not to go! Go, just leave forever! What? I can't even communicate well with you. Do you know how hard I thought about this? Just doing it your way, not thinking of others. When did I not care? I just think you don't love me. Why do you always brag? Life? Love? Gosh. You should make a movie about that since you know it so well! Those words, I cancel! Fine, just do as you wish. Whether you go or not, is up to you. I don't care anymore. Hey Online Radio uhmm. Ah Online Radio wait Online Radio Ah. Then I'm really going to marry Han Internet Radio. Crankin Oldies Okay! Okay! What? Where did you Online Radio ? It doesn't make sense. Where did you hear that kind of talk? No. No. Gosh, what kind of rumors are these? Madam, I'm sad. How could you think those rumors true? You can't trust those, it doesn't make sense.

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