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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crescent Hill Radio

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Give me your cell phone. Cell phone. Get ready to leave. Pack your bags. Wait, let's talk. I don't have anything to say. The owner cannot answer the phone right now, please leave a message after the tone. Online Radio, you were at home? Hey, sit for a second. What's the occasion? I just visited a few film buddies. I just heard something surprising. What? The girl I saw last time, the girl you were dating, Didn't you date her sister? Then, At the park, that was her sister? That's right. Crescent Hill Radio You punk do it more than me. Hey. I heard her family is loaded. It seems that people think you're dating her for the wrong reasons. What reason? What do you think? Why would a man like you Online Radio really, what happened? It just happened. What do you mean it just happened? So, you had the money kind of goal? When did I? Then, what happened? Tell me clearly! What can't you tell your father? What kind of reporter is like this? It doesn't make sense, none at all. What is it? Why are you so surprised? It's nothing. Give it to me. It's nothing. Nobody believes that report. Don't worry. Director C Women Difficulties. Nobody believes that thing. Gosh, this reporter, what does he know, saying this? The Future Entertainment Company CEO's two granddaughters mixed up. Wow Online Radio a good situation to create. They'll think there has to be twin's involved. I should beat up the reporter. Hey, don't worry. Crescent Hill Radio Nobody cares. Time passes, and nothing happens. There has to be something you did wrong. Don't lose courage and.. did I say anything? Yeah. I'm trying to find out right now who started the rumors. Some of Sanyoung's friends say that the truth got changed as it was passed along. Rumors are like that. If those rumors find you out, it can end your life. Will it really, I just have to make good movies. You. Do as I say. What? I invited some of my friend reporters. While eating dinner with them, we can ask them to support you. If something slips out, you explain it to them. You tell them with your own words, and stop the rumors before they become bigger.

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