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Sunday, December 29, 2013

CRN 3 News Talk

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She's funny and surprising and years ynger than you and our guidance counselor and a weirdo. She's different, and like her. And when I'm around her, I feel alive again. You know how, like, when your foot goes asleep and you shake it and it gets tingly? CRN 3 News Talk Ew, now you're bringing feet into this? Girls, you know yore the mo important things in my life. I won't date Miss Tharp if you tell me not to. Okay, then don't. All right. I'llust be really sad. But that's okay because your happiness is more important than mine. Dad, we would never dream doing something so selfish. Would we, Bianca? Why don't you invite her over for dinner so that we can get to know her better? Really? It's Darlene. Should Iet it ring one more time and not be too eager? Or what if she hangs up? Darlene, are you there? Oh, hi. Nothing. CRN 3 News Talk And breathe Online Radio in through theight nostril and out through the left. Everyone, slowly return from nothingness. Now, I know our meditation collective has no official leader, but I have a few announcements. First of all, welcome, Kat Stratford. Kat, we're excited to be a part of your journey. Namaste. Namaste. Second, there are still a few spots open on our study abroad trip to Nepal. Anyone else like to join us? I'm in. Wonderful. I'll get you the paperwork. Oh, my God, Online Radio, I miss you so much. I miss you more than my mom. I can't wait to hear about all your modeling adventures, but first, I have to tell you about the insanity I'm dealing with. My dad is dating Miss Tharp. No way. Nice job, Dr. Stratford. Online Radio, this is not good news. Old people settle down fast so that they won't die alone. What if she becomes my stepmom? Calm down, Bianca. Here's what you should do. I have to call my baby girl before bedtime. Online Radio? Online Radio, are you there? Why do they only have one phone? Okay, come on. You can do it. Swim upstream, little salmon. Is there any way I can persuade you to keep moving? I think we both know the answer to that. What's this? It's an invite to my little sister's birthday party. Princess theme.

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