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Sunday, December 29, 2013

CRN 4 News Talk

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She asked me to Online Radio All right, it's a love poem for Dawn, okay? Did you write it in calligraphy? So what if I did? Look, last night on the phone without thinking, I said, "I got to get some Z's, Dawn," but I don't know if she was done talking. Now I feel horrible. So I wrote her a poem to apologize. For saying good night? Nice backbone. Well, better to tell Dawn how I feel than let her get away. That's the moral of every romantic comedy. There. Now she'll know how I feel in iambic pentameter. Sorry. What a lovely home. Thank you. It's so inviting. It's like I'm on the set of Friends. Jennifer. Bianca, you love Friends. CRN 4 News Talk Why don't you discuss this shared interest while I check the lasagna? Hey, did you hear Friends got canceled? Yes, but people love it in reruns. And you know why I think that is? Urban tribes are now a substitute for traditional families. Yeah, plus it's funny. I'm sorry I'm late. I was meditating. Dad, can I talk to you about an amazing opportunity? Kat, I have no interest in a timeshare right now, especially when we have a guest. Oh, hi, Miss Tharp. Namaste. Namaste, Kat. Dad, I want to go to Nepal. And I'm sure someday you will. How about next week? Huh? There's a school sanction program where I'd spend three months in a remote village in the Himalayas helping them build a school. Plus, the trip is led by university faculty members who'll teach courses in East Asian history. And the best part daily mediation at a monastery with real Buddhist monks. That sounds like the perfect trip for someone else's daughter. Let her go. I'll turn her room into a gym. I know that program, Internet Radio. It's very well run. Not only do the students achieve a higher level of consciousness, but it looks great on a college application. Don't say no yet. Just think about it. I will. After dinner. Would you take a seat, please? So, Miss CRN 4 News Talk, have you ever been married? Bianca, what kind of a question is that? No, it's okay, Internet Radio. I want this to be an open forum where we can all share our truths. Great. So have you? I have been engaged three times four if you count this one night in Vegas.

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