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Monday, December 30, 2013

CRN 5 News Talk

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But I haven't actually quite made it down the aisle. Oh, why not? Bianca. Well, it's a question I am currently trying to figure out in therapy. Enough questions. This is a family dinner, not a deposition. Dad, I'm just trying to hear Miss Tharp's truth. So have you ever been arrested? Biance! Bianca! What? Yes, but I was young and naive. Girls, please learn from my mistake. If a cute man asks you to carry a package over the border, don't do it. Don't ever do what cute men want, unless it's me. Oh, my God, Online Radio? CRN 5 News Talk, I've been missing Online Radio Give that back, Dad. Bianca, we have a dinner guest. You can talk to Online Radio later. No, I can't. You just sit there and be polite or go to your room. I've been waiting for him to call all day. You're ruining my life. Darlene, I'm sorry. Bianca can be a bit overdramatic. A bit? It's like she's living in a telenovela. Let's not let it ruin our meal. May I come in? I don't mean to be rude, but I don't want to share my truth or do mirror work or do any of that crap. I just want to be alone. I can tell how much you miss him. I love him. And he's gone. And who knows when the model phone will be free again. Oh, I remember what it feels like to be your age and in love. His name was Diego. When he got deported, I thought my life was over. And the worst part about it nobody took my pain seriously. They're so insensitive. I'm sure they're doing their best, but not everybody's equipped to give us what we need. I'm here. I'm a good listener. Thanks, Miss CRN 5 News Talk. Oh, please call me Darlene. So how long have you guys been together? We've been together for about two months. Okay, Darlene, here I come. , , . Oh, my God, I can't believe we're wearing the same thing. You look so cute. So do you. Here. I made you some Nepalese tea. Or chaia, as the Sherpas say. Katarina, I'm not going to give you my blessing to go halfway around the world Correction. Only , kilometers, give or take a few. Oh, is that all? I didn't realize you could come home on weekends. I know it's far, but this is an amazing opportunity. And I'll be going off to college in months.

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