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Monday, December 30, 2013

CRN 6 Talk

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Consider this a dress rehearsal. For a play I don't want to see. I'm ready for this. Please don't keep me from going because you're scared. I'm not scared. I'm terrified. Of what? Of what? You're going to a place without indoor plumbing or telephones or parental supervision. It's dangerous. Some warlord's going to pay seven goats for you. Seven goats? Yes. Dad, you can just say no. You don't have to insult me. Please let me go. Let you? I've never let you do anything in your life. It's always been one of my favorite things about you. Are you saying what I think you're saying? Please don't celebrate till you're alone in your room. All right. Thanks, Dad. And don't come back with one of those rings through your nose. Hey Online Radio, I'm in my new class. Hey, CRN 6 Talk Good news I made it to four out of my six "go sees." Oh, that's so Oh, goody, a bejeweled cell phone. Just what I always wanted. But, Mr. Meanly, it's a matter of life or death. Hey. Hey back. That's a really good look for you. Thanks. I got it for my trip to Nepal. I leave next week. For three months. It's this fascinating study abroad program. Cool. Have fun. You, too. Your poem is the most romantic thing any guy's ever done for me. Even that time Chris Yuscratched my name on his guitar. I just wanted you to know I couldn't live without you. Aw, recite it to me again. Hark, my Dawn. CRN 6 Talk You are the sweetest treat in the candy store. I've tasted your sugar, and I want some more. You're so hot you melt my heart. Lips, sweet and delicious, like a mixed fruit tart. You're cuter than Bambi, an adorable baby fawn. You light up my days, my very own Dawn. Check out all that natural beauty. Eyeball exploding, right? You guys are in for the journey of a lifetime. Maybe even a few lifetimes. That's a little Buddhist humor. Sindu, that is too funny. I find your spirit infectious. Thanks. You're welcome. Do you know our host families? I'd like to start practicing pronouncing their names. The families live in oneroom huts. It's a little crowded, so we'll be sleeping in tents. But it'll be spring, so you know what that means.

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