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Monday, December 30, 2013


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It won't be too cold? Avalanche season. But don't worry. You'll each have a GPS tracker. I haven't lost a student yet. Just a toe. CRN 7 Now, let's talk vaccinations. You'll need hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and tetanus, but good news, because of the new well we dug last quarter, you'll no longer need the Japanese encephalitis booster. One thing we can't vaccinate against is dysentery. I really wish we could, though. But we can't. Questions? It's a noninvasive process that will really help you access your, I hate to interrupt, but this is an emergency. Oh, okay, just give me a sec, Tanya, and then we'll start the hypnosis. Hey, what is going on, honey? Online Radio called during math class, and CRN 7 took my phone away. Darlene, please help me get it back. Bianca, honey, in this office, I'm not Darlene. I'm Miss Tharp. And Miss Tharp has to support Mr. Meanly. You should not be talking on the phone during class. But you know how hard it's been for me to not talk to Online Radio. Yesterday you called us starcrossed lovers. And Darlene was serious about that. Really? Because it sounds like she was just sucking up to me so she could date my dad. No, she would never do that. In fact, if you want to process this tonight over a pint of ice cream and a Katherine Heigl movie, Darlene will be there. Tell Darlene I said "Thanks for nothing." CRN 7, be reasonable. I am being reasonable, Dad. She's the one with multiple personality disorder. Darlene said you were just upset because she wouldn't give you your phone back. I'd hardly call that a severe mental illness. This isn't about my phone. It's the fact that she's my guidance counselor and your girlfriend. It's too confusing. All right, why don't we just invite her over? And we'll share our truths. After all , if there can be a lasting peace in Northern Ireland I'm sure we can work this out. Dad, you don't get it. I don't want to work this out. Now, please just leave me to my homework. Bianca, wha It's too strange. You said if we didn't want you to date her, you'd stop. So stop. Okay, fine. See you in our next class, okay? Siena, hey. Hi.

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