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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cross One: Southern Gospel

Cross One: Southern Gospel, Cross One: Southern Gospel Live, Christian, Gospel, Religious Radio, USA

Listen, I haven't been able to find quic kdrying snow pants anywhere. Where did you get yours? Oh, Kat, I didn't tell you? I'm not going to Nepal. You're not? I realized I don't like hiking, which means I'll probably hate trekking. But have fun. Take pictures. Hey. Hey back. I'm glad I caught you before you left for Nepal. Really? Why? Keith found this in the back of his van. I know how much you like it. Thanks. I was wondering where it was. In Keith's van. Yeah, you said that. I guess I'll see you around. Have a safe trip. Online Radio, I miss you so much. I miss you more. Co Liviette just fainted during our photo shoot, so we have the phone until she revives. Then she's going to want to call her baby. Goody, I hope she's out for a while. We have so much to catch up on. Tomorrow's makeover day. I'm so nervous. What if they shave my head? I don't know how to work my skull. Online Radio, there's something I have to do right now. Call me back later, okay? But Love you. Bye. I'm on the other end. Yo, Tom, I thought you brought it. You've got style. You were Online Radio. Looks good. Can I have some? Don't choke on it. Look. I'm sorry I freaked out about Darlene. I was being selfish. Was? You mean you're not being selfish anymore? Listen, I know how it feel to want to talk to someone so badly it hurts. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can I call her? Yeah, but Online Radio I'm switching to the other guidance counselor. Deal. |Online Radio Don't worry about your makeover. I told you she'd come around. Listen, are you free to see a movie this weekend? I have seen you model enough to know you're a chameleon. What are you doing out here? The program recommends we try out all our equipment before the trip. Can I ask you something weird? Where will you go to the bathroom up there? Oh, God. You're so brave, Kat. I could never go to someplace halfway around the world where I didn't know a soul or speak the language or have any idea what I'm eating, but it all sounds so exciting and exotic. I don't want to go. I like indoor plumbing. I don't want to forage for roots or wear snow pants.

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