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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crypt Theater

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And And what? And he didn't try to stop me. I'm stopping you. I need you here. Dad is still dating our guidance counselor, and based on their body language, they're three dates away from having Online Radio. Check. Have we made posters? Crypt Theater Yep, Dawn's hard at work with the glitter gun. Have we approved Michelle's bikini? I refuse to repeat last year's wardrobe malfunction. Approved. We even did a stress test. You are so efficient and pleasant to deal with. I am sick of Michelle. I think it's time for a new vice head cheerleader, and her name is Bianca Stratford. Oh, my God, really? That would be a dream come true, page nine actually, but can you just do that? Thank God cheerleading isn't a democracy. The only opinion that matters is mine. You are my favorite dictator. Crypt Theater Chastity. Bianca. Michelle, Kaitlin. Bianca, Chastity. Okay, enough. Well, we should probably be getting to class. Okay. See you guys later. Bye. Bye. Bye. Did you see that? They stopped talking the second they saw us. Well, so did we Online Radio because we were talking about them. Oh, my God, do you think they heard about my promotion? It doesn't matter. They were already planning a coup d'?©tat the moment we walked up. Do they not realize who they're up against? I am this school's Tony Soprano. Bianca, oh, we are taking them down. Oh, yeah. Hi, I'm Kat Stratford. I'm a big fan of your university, huge, actually. Congratulations. Thanks. Would you like a prospectus? I've got one already. I like to flip through it and daydream, not in a sad, sociallymaladjusted way. My mom went to Brown, and she always talked about how much she loved her time there. So you're a legacy. That improves your chances. No favoritism, please. I think I deserve admission on my own merits. Sir, William Blankenship. Allow me to cut to the chase. I know at most you'll accept one student from this school, and I would like to be that student. No, I would like to be that student. He would like to push my buttons. No, I would like to go to Brown. My mother went there. Best time of her life.

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