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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CrystalOne Talk II

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Does that make me a lecy? We try not to view college admissions as a competition. Just so you know, I turned my car into a biodiesel. I speak fluent Cantonese. I enacted Meatless Mondays. I'm student body president. He is not. CrystalOne Talk II We haven't even voted yet. I'm running unopposed. Not anymore. Kat. Can you take down a few of your posters? There's not enough room on these walls for my posters, too. I know. It's hard when two such important events are going on at the same time. Why don't you just cancel your supe roffensive Online Radio carwash? Because Dad's out of town. This may be my polka dot bikini's only chance to see the sun. Don't look now. It's Internet Radio. I don't care. I've moved on. Really, don't look unless you want to see Internet Radio looking super buff in his white Tshirt. All right, later. Hey. Hi. As you can see, I didn't go to Nepal. Bianca begged me not to. It was pathetic. So you're still a fellow inmate, huh? Yep, but I don't want us to have to avoid each other in the prison yard. Just because we broke up, doesn't mean we can't be civil. Don't worry. I won't shank you. Cool. Well, I hope I can count on your vote. Like I vote in these stupid elections. Michelle and that other girl whose name I can't remember are planning Online Radio They're planning something, aren't they? I'm sure they are, but they know we're friends. Getting any info is Online Radio is going to be impossible. Being a mole is way harder than it looks. Huh. This isn't brain surgery. We just have to make them believe that we hate each other. Oohooh, I have an idea. We stage a fake fight. CrystalOne Talk II You guys get into a big public brawl that totally ruptures your friendship. I don't know. After the fake intervention, we promised ourselves no more fake events. They always backfire. That's only because Online Radio was such a wild card. This is an inside job, so nothing can go wrong. Let's do it this afternoon at the Online Radio carwash. Yes. I finished the flyers. It was not easy finding recycled paper with a nice sheen. And I've worked up some talking points.

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