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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

CrystalOne [DMB]

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It's a little bit of Hilary's smarts and a little bit of Sarah's "Aw, shucks" appeal. You guys rock. Imagine what this place could be like with smart women like us making the decision. Come to my victory toga beach party. Free food and, fingers crossed, swim suits optional. Your cover charge: the lowlow price of a vote for Blank. Party! Party. Party. Party Online Radio CrystalOne [DMB] Blank Online Radio Kat, lovely to see you, as always. You're so afraid of losing to me, you've resorted to buying votes. Remember, cheap theatrics can only take you so far. Just ask Howard Dean. Now you've hurt my feelings. You're still invited to my victory party. I think you would look smashing in a toga. Well, you don't, and I hope your deposit at the beach club is nonrefundable. Online Radio carwash. Bianca, what do you think you're doing? I put you on tire duty. Hop to it. Now. These bottoms don't look cute when I crouch, Chastity, and stop shrieking. I can hear you. Oh, you were so much more obedient when you were the mascot. Maybe I should demote you. Now, get back to work. I want to be able to see my reflection in those hubcaps. No problem. They're the same height as your face. No, she didn't. You better check yourself, Olive Oyl, and next time, you should shop for a bikini in juniors. Hey, your exboyfriend Online Radio thinks my body is perfect. Oh, how would he know? It's not like he's ever seen it. She's a virgin. That's right, folks. She never slept with Mr. Ross. She made it up so that people would think she's cool. Dawn. Bianca, I'm sorry. I can't help myself. Chastity, I told you that in strictest confidence. Stay out of it, CrystalOne [DMB]. At least I'm not a slore who slept with Online Radio on the third date. Oh, and FYI, he also said that you were so bad in bed that he faked it. * Who's gonna bring the quiet day? * * Black and blue, black and blue * * This is a war, it ain't no game * * Black and blue, black and blue * Girl fight. Girl fight Online Radio CrystalOne [DMB] and blue, black and blue * * Now that you know where you are * * You know that you're gonna lose * That's it! You're off the squad for real.

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