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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

CrystalOne [Music]

CrystalOne [Music], CrystalOne [Music] Live, CrystalOne [Music] Listen Online, Varied, USA

Okay, actually, Chastity, you were the one who crossed the line. You threw the first sponge, and when it comes to violence, this squad has a zerotolerance policy. Which means we can kick you off with a unanimous vote. It was a sponge, not a grenade. Okay? You can't vote me off. I'm the captain, damn it. Girls, with a show of hands, how many of you feel threatened? You're out, CrystalOne [Music]. Goodbye. Yes. Is there a bruise? And a welt. And a red mark in the shape of a sponge. If it doesn't go away, I'm suing. You totally should. Maybe you could get her car. There's Online Radio. Online Radio, there's a drought on the tundra. You haven't had anything to eat in "veeks," so now you're going to be stalking CrystalOne [Music]. Get up. Got it. Is it okay if I crawl, you know, work the floor? Ya, ya, get down. Exactly, but remember to find your light, okay? I want to see "zee" hunger in your eyes. Okay? Und not so feral. Lyso "modelicious." Modelicious. Co'lliviette, you knew I wanted to rock the peacock. Sorry, but your face looks more like a horse, Online Radio. Who are you calling a Online Radio, Online Radio? Get out of my face, CrystalOne [Music]. Co'lliviette, come on. I hate how girls on reality shows are always so Online Radioy to each other. It makes me embarrassed to be a girl. I know. Until Co'lliviette accused Tia of stealing her trail mix, they were best friends. Dawn, be honest with me. Do you think I was a Online Radio to Chastity? Well, she was a Online Radio first. Yeah, but we were becoming real friends. I want to be a better person than Tia and Co'lliviette. And in conclusion, allow me to quote Internet Radio, who said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world. If you vote for me, Kat Stratford Online Radio I will be that change. Cut. Okay. Uh, yeah, that was terrible. I don't think even I can vote for you after that. I completely tuned out as soon as you Online Radio I get it. I sucked. You want them to like you. Try smiling. A smile isn't going to help, CrystalOne [Music]. It's that speech. It's boring and just pukey Hey, I killed myself writing that.

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