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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

CrystalOne [Talk]

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It focusgrouped very well with Mr. Montcastle's homeroom. Give me this. Okay, now, why don't you just tell me why you want to run in your own words. I want to be president because I don't know. I want to beat Blank, and I want to get into Brown, and, well, the truth is every morning I wake up, and I think, "Who are these people? Why am I the only person who cares about anything that matters?" And then every morning I remember, they're idiots. They have teenytiny little pea brains that can only process information in the form of a tweet, a ring tone, or a status update, and if they're not going to think for themselves, they need someone like me to think for them. Yeah, that's not going to work either. Okay, I have an idea, but before you say no, just hear me out. How's your sense of rhythm? * My name is Kat Strizzy I'm from the Midwest * * Now I'm chillin' up in SoCal With Padua's best CrystalOne [Talk] Monday's to go meatless The misogynous speechless * * Save the naked morass All y'all gonna * * Gonna beat this They tried to search your lockers * * I led the insurrection Forget the police * * Send them to detention Vote Kat Stratford CrystalOne [Talk] It's about time To have a president * * Who speaks up for rights Vote Kat for prez * Peace. I'm out. Can you believe they threw out my script and did this? It's vulgar. We're so going to win. No, we won't. This will show the entire school she hasn't got a stick up her bum right before they vote. I think you underestimate just how much people dislike her. No. It's over. She's won, and maybe she deserves to. Keep it together, Blank. You don't concede that easily unless you've been caught in an airport bathroom. Besides, you promised I'd be in charge of prom. Give it a rest, Tabitha. Hey, guys. Listen, things got a little crazy yesterday with the water and the sponges and the voting. I think we went too far. Since I'm the one Chastity hit, and I'm willing to forgive her, how about we just bring her back on the squad? Good idea, CrystalOne [Talk]. Second chances are so inspiring. You're kidding, right? Chastity was really mean.

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