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Thursday, January 2, 2014

CSN International (Calvary Satellite Network)

CSN International (Calvary Satellite Network), CSN International (Calvary Satellite Network) Live, Christian Radio, USA

My family threw away so much money on them. My cousin Tiffany said that scratchers were her heroin. Tiffany smoked actual heroin. CSN International (Calvary Satellite Network), you're not our mom. 'Cause if you were, that'd be awful Online Radio The things that I think about you. Now here we go. Let's go. Let's do it. Cherry Online Radio Cherry Online Radio Yeah! Hey, everyone! And a turd. Guess what. Threepeat and I projected the Wallace Cooper Fund would beat the S&P by basis points, and it did exactly. Got a much bigger reaction upstairs. Anyway, the point is, I made a client a million dollars overnight. Damn, who was that guy? He sounds cute. Well, I do not know, but I am sure client number AB will have a smile on his or her or their face. Snooze flash Online Radio you're boring! Oh, really? Boring? Is it also boring that I crushed the Russell small cap index by over Online Radio Yeah, okay, I hear myself. Well, baby, I think it's interesting. Really? No. But I like your face. Aw Online Radio I'll take it. Mwah. This is our last scratcher. And when we're done with this, let's promise ourselves we are gonna go buy so many more. Hell yeah. More. Or Online Radio Instead of throwing your money away on scratchers, you could give it to Brody to invest. He is not gonna do that for us. Yeah, he wouldn't even introduce me to his rich friend with the long number. You guys, he just made a million dollars for a guy he doesn't even know. He loves you guys. Of course he'd help you out. Hold on. You want me to give my life savings to the man that I hate the most in the world? How do you expect to convince me to do that? Please Online Radio ? I'm in. CSN International (Calvary Satellite Network) "If I Were a Rich Man" You two beat the S&P by basis points. That's the most exciting thing I've ever heard. I know! That's what I keep saying. And your timing couldn't be better, as I'm choosing someone to run my new office, and you two have just shot to the top of that list. Ahh, it's happening, it's all happening. First, I need to see how you interact with clients. That's right, you earned it Online Radio face time. Ohh! Oh, my God, are you kidding?! Sorry, sir.

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