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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cult Radio A-Go-Go! (CRAGG)

Cult Radio A-Go-Go! (CRAGG), Cult Radio A-Go-Go! (CRAGG) Live, Oldies, Talk Radio, USA

That's okay. Screaming like a teenage girl swimming in a freezingcold lake is the appropriate response to face time. Today is client review, so everyone in our roster will be coming in to go over their portfolio. It will be the first time that you two can see the faces behind the account numbers. I want to see faces, sir. I want to see all those faces. While % of our clients have enjoyed record years, there is % who unfortunately had their money managed by one Frank Gersky. Gersky the worstsky. Cult Radio A-Go-Go! (CRAGG) How is that old guy? Not great. I just fired his ass. Unfortunately, someone's going to have to tell Mr. Gersky's clients that their portfolios are now worth Online Radio Roughly half of what they thought they were worth. Well, I feel sorry for whoever has that job. It's us Online Radio Of course it's us. Congratulations, boys, because those are the faces that you're going to be seeing, and they'll look something like Online Radio That. Good news Online Radio I got you Online Radio A new client. Is it the Tooth Fairy? No. It's Tori, Derrick, and Harvard's savings. It's like Online Radio Like $,. I convinced them to give it to you to invest instead of throwing it away on scratchers. I can't, babe. The firm's minimum investment is $ million. Well, can't you just, like, be a dude and tack it on to somebody else's account? Just, like Online Radio just, like, be a really cool dude? Okay, so when I go to prison for financial fraud, I'll just tell my cellmate I'm in for being, like, a real cool dude. Wait a minute. You won't make money for people that you actually know, but you will make money for client ? That's a song. You know that. Mmhmm. Plus Online Radio it's never a good idea to invest your friends' money. Well, not a problem, 'cause they don't consider you a friend. Come on. Please? I already told them that you would help them. Cult Radio A-Go-Go! (CRAGG) Well, you lied, because I can't. Are you sure I can't convince you? Some of that's Monopoly money. Damn it, Harvard! You rang? Oh. Yeah. Look. This is obviously a test to determine who runs the new office, so I just wanna say, whatever happens, I hope you crash and burn.

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