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Thursday, January 2, 2014

CVC La Voz Cristiana

CVC La Voz Cristiana, CVC La Voz Cristiana Live, Christian Contemporary Radio, USA

Dude, thank you. I hope you fall right on your face. Okay, so who do we got? Well, we have a nice lady, and Online Radio white Gandhi. Oof. That guy is so old, this news could literally kill him. I don't want to kill white Gandhi. Oh, and I do? You do? Thanks, man! Mnh Online Radio don't Online Radio Hey, this is Michael Wen, and he'll be going over your portfolio. Heyy Online Radio CVC La Voz Cristiana Lo Online Radio sir. Uh, let me ask you this Online Radio financially speaking, do you have any preexisting heart conditions? Hello. I'm Brody Moyer. Nice to meet you. I'm afraid I have some upsetting news for you. Oh, no. Is everything okay? Totally! Yeah! It's just Online Radio it's Online Radio I didn't know you were so Online Radio Tall. What are you, like, ' ", '" ski? You're gonna have a very tall baby Online Radio boy? And a girl. And another boy. I'm having triplets. No shit? So? What did Brody say? Well, apparently there are rules. Yeah, rule number one Online Radio guys like him don't help guys like us. Yeah. CVC La Voz Cristiana Rule number two Online Radio your boyfriend's a jerk. But, you guys, let me finish. Okay? He broke the rules because he loves you guys, which is why he bought you a great stock. Wow, really? What stock? Yeah, what are the letters? I'll look it up right now. The letters? Um Online Radio The Online Radio "J" and Online Radio and "B." JNB? Japanese National Bank? Yep. JNB. No further questions. Okay. Oh my God, you guys, we're up a nickel! Yeah! Yeah! Uhoh! Now it's down cents! No! Oh, and now it's even. Oh, okay. Okay Online Radio Back up a nickel! Yes! Yes! Man! The Stock Market is fun! Does everybody know about this? Hey. Dude. How many people have you told? Ah! Who keeps count? I do. It's four. Well Online Radio yeah, well, you got the easy ones. I have a ticking time bomb in there, okay? If I give her any bad news, there's literally gonna be babies shooting all over the place. Okay. Do you want me to tag in? I have a very delicate touch with the preggos. Yeah Online Radio You get this one, I'll get the next two. Man, this is a hard day! Man, this is a great day! I love giving people great news.

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