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Friday, January 3, 2014

CWCB Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting

CWCB Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting, CWCB Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting Live, World Asia, USA

How you doing destroying people's lives? Uh, you know, okay. It's Online Radio Kinda gettin' warmed up. Looks like Internet Radio has handled Online Radio One, two, three, four cases, and you've handled Online Radio Let me see if I can do the arithmetic Online Radio Zero. Yes. Well, in fairness, my client is pregnant with triplets, so she should count as four. CWCB Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting, you are a peach, and I wish you good luck. Thank you, Threepeat. Hey Online Radio you're the real Threepeat. Oh, no! He's so good at his job! Look, I'm sorry, sir. This part of the job is a little bit tough. Son, I'd love to pretend I care, but I'm Online Radio I'm having such a great day, I just can't do that. Hey, babe. Hey, babe. Hey, I'm sorry about before. I'm kind of having a bad day. Oh, well, then this will make you feel better. Everyone downstairs loves you for investing their money. Oh! That'd be great, except one thing Online Radio I didn't invest their money. Oh, it's cool. I just Online Radio I said that you did. I just, like, made up a stock name. JNB. JNB, like Japanese National Bank? No. Like CWCB Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting 'n' Brody. But you know that JNB got acquired this morning. Their stock shot up ,%. Oh. Sweet! They're really gonna love you. Well, yeah, until they try to cash in their fake stock. Oh, no! Look Online Radio Maybe they don't know. Yes! Yeah! Can we buy them some of that JNB stock now? Uh, yeah, now they can afford onequarter of one share. Not Online Radio if we bought it yesterday, if you know what I mean. Okay. Is what you mean, "I want Brody to go to prison"? I don't know how things go in your world, but in my world, when I screw up, I use a "meantta." Okay, I'll bite. What's a "meantta"? It's what you do to get out of paying, like, late fees. You know, you call your landlord or your credit card company and you say, "Hey, I didn't pay on time, but I meantta." So you want me to call a broker and see if he'll take a "meantta"? I mean, it's never not worked for me. Okay. All right. It's worth a shot. Hey, Dave, it's Brody from Remington Trust. I have someone here who wants to purchase some JNB stock at yesterday's prices using something called a "meantta." You're kidding me? Dave wants to talk to you.

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