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Friday, January 3, 2014

Cyber-FM: Rewind Oldies

Cyber-FM: Rewind Oldies, Cyber-FM: Rewind Oldies Live, Classic Rock, Oldies, 60s, USA

Not behind my desk. Ooh. Trading in JNB has been suspended pending a fraud inquiry, and the shares have plummeted in afterhours trading on the Nikkei. Tell me something I don't know. Like, um Online Radio What any of that means. I don't know what that means. Your stock is worthless. What? You don't have a penny. Uh Online Radio You're flat broke. Add to cart, add to cart, buy the cart! Uhhuh. Yeah. Hey, guys, we need to talk. Yeah, not now. Did you know you could buy all this stuff off of Skymall even if you're not on a plane? I'm buying a toaster with a compass in it. Uh, listen, um, there's something that I need to tell you. You're not gonna believe this! JNB tanked! What?! What are you talking about? Yeah. Just talked to my money guy. We lost everything. I sold my hat to Mansfield for cents! Damn! Yeah, I mean, how Online Radio I can't believe I'm poor again! Oh, my God! It's over! Cyber-FM: Rewind Oldies That's it! Guys, hey! It's okay, 'cause Brody didn't invest your money, so you didn't lose anything! 'Cause I held on to it. Look. Hey! It's right here. "Yay, Jenny," right?! Cyber-FM: Rewind Oldies Jenny! Can I use a "meantta"? No, you can'tta. But Online Radio but I didn't do anything. You let us think we were rich when we weren't. Okay, I did do that. You told us to act like adults and then you treated us like children. Yeah, I did that, too. Said you were gonna buy a piece of land in Cyber-FM: Rewind Oldies Montana so we could build a house together and start over. Yeah, that I did not do. No, but I'll tell you what you did do. You broke our trust and you broke our hearts. And I can't even cry about it right now because I sold my pocket square for a nickel! Sir. What was the final tally? Well, Threepeat broke the news to clients, and I Online Radio got yelled at for two hours by John McEnroe. You would not believe it, but that guy's got a temper. Well Online Radio Johnny Mac hates losing. Tell you the truth, that's why I stopped playing him in tennis. You beat him at tennis? Of course not. It's John frickin' McEnroe! You were well off your game today, Internet Radio. I know, I know, and I'm sorry I let you down. I just couldn't give those people any bad news.

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