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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cygnus Radio

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And that's Brittany saying that. She's so nice it's nauseating. I'll admit Chastity can be a Online Radio, but if we punish her for that, then we become Online Radioes, too. It's this horrible cycle that's often filmed for television. Last week she told me I had the ankles of a middleaged man. Come on, guys, have a little compassion. Look, girls, I'm the new head cheerleader, and I say it's done. I'll do you a favor, and I'll try to forget this conversation ever happened, but it'll be tough. If you don't let Cygnus Radio Chastity back on the squad, then Dawn and I quit. Okay, bye. Bye. Bye. Oh, my God, we just quit cheerleading. Okay, okay, let's not panic. They'll never find replacements for all three of us before the game. They've got to come crawling back. Right. My story is America's story. I believe in America, and I believe in you, Padua High. Vote William Blankenship for Student Council President. See you at my victory toga beach party. Thank you for that stirring tribute to white immigration. And now our final candidate's video, after which you'll return to your homerooms and vote. Give it up for Kat Stratford. This ought to be good. Go, Kat. Yeah. Go, Kat. The truth is every morning I wake up and I think, "Who are these people? Why am I the only person who cares about anything that matters?" And then every morning I remember they're idiots. They have teenytiny little pea brains. that can only process information in the form of a tweet, a ring tone, or a status update, and if they're not going to think for themselves, they need someone like me to think for them. This is not what we did. Kat. Please believe me when I tell you I had nothing to do with this. Right. You're welcome. Kat, wait. I don't want to talk about it. My poor sister and her big mouth. Yeah. Well, we got our own problems. Michelle has not begged us to come back yet. Cygnus Radio Trust me. She will. Just wait until they try to toss Kaitlin in the air. Ah, glad I found you two. Act nonchalant. Michelle, you look so cute. Thanks. I need your uniforms. We've got a game Friday, and the new girls need to get them fitted, so Online Radio New girls? Yeah, they're so great.

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