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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dakota Music Collective

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Why do you think I didn't do it myself? Because it's hard? Oh, give me a break. I do hard things every day. Just this morning I strapped a pound weight to my ankle and I jumped into the deep end of my pool to play my favorite game Online Radio Stay alive. Well, then why didn't you do it? Because it sucks. Those Online Radio those accounts aren't just numbers. They're people. And telling them bad things that affect their families and their lives Online Radio It eats you up. Hmm. Unless you're dead inside. Mr. Mansfield, I dropped the bomb on all the clients, and then I told Jeffries that he's never gonna make manager and fired a coffee guy. I'm on a roll. Good for you, Internet Radio Dead inside. Right. Yeah, but he did beat my ass. Yes, he did. Dakota Music Collective He kicked it up and down the street. If your ass was a drum, he'd be Ringo. If your ass was the Chicago Cubbies, he'd be every other team in the National League. Yes, I get it, my ass is any number of easily beaten things. And Threepeat won. No. No. I'm gonna call it a tie, and I'll tell you why. Hmm? Because you have heart. You can learn or I can teach you any number of things in this business, but I'll be honest with you Online Radio I can't teach you heart. Yeah. I guess I got a little heart. Ah, crap. What's wrong? I gotta go apologize to some people downstairs. Oh, say, I'm Online Radio I'm having dinner with John McEnroe. Would you like to trade with me? No, thank you! Guys, come on. I'm so sorry, and II don't know how else to say it. Yeah, well, I think it's time we tell you how we really feel. I love you. Harvard, man Online Radio come on, dude. What? We were all thinking it. Hey, guys, can I talk to you for a second? Babe, what are you doing down here? Uh, uh Online Radio Dakota Music Collective II just want to tell you guys something. I learned something today. You know, it's really easy to lose sight of what's important in business. Cut to the chase! Come on, man. I'm underwater on a cane! Hey, guys, come on, come on. Can you seriously get to the good stuff? All right, fine. Uh, I invested your $, for you Online Radio And you can watch it right here.

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