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Monday, January 6, 2014

Dance Radio Freestyle FM

Dance Radio Freestyle FM, Dance Radio Freestyle FM Live, Listen Online, Varied Radio, USA

Nice and deep. All right. What are you looking at? Just something that I'll see for the rest of my life every time I close my eyes. Quit making this weird. Sir, I could probably talk to Jenny again. Oh, no, you made your choice. There will be no antelope for you. We're gonna have fun without you. Young man, how would you like a free ticket to the company luxury suite for a Giants baseball game? Is this some sort of Machiavellian ploy to punish Brody? You're damn right it is. Are you in or out? In. Of course I'm in. This is gonna be awesome. Some quality time to bond with Mansfield. Oh, Internet Radio, real talk? I don't think Mansfield knows your name. Who's ready for baseball? Everybody gets a glove. Online Radio Internet Radio Sport. Dance Radio Freestyle FM Attention, capitalist pigs. I am here ironically. I have no interest in indulging in your bourgeois idea of luxury. Is that your own private carvery? It's ridiculous. What do you expect us to pay for this orgy of indulgence? It's free, man. I will take two of all the things you have here. Kill another cow. I don't care. You know, this seat's not taken. Why don't you sit here? Uh Online Radio it's just that Brody normally sits next to you. Brody's not here, is he? Come on. Scooch over. Okay. You a, uh, you a Giants fan? Oh. Yeah. The biggest. Getting killed today, though. Game hasn't started yet. Oh, good. We're still in it, then. Okay. I'm gonna Online Radio I'm right here. And you're two rows up, unless you wanna switch. No, no, I'll be fine. I'll send up a flare when I get there. Get ready to have a fun day, just you and me. Mwah. Oh, I've already forgotten about work. How about a big Giants welcome for our special guests today? Remington Trust. The road to a better life begins at Remington. It's pretty good up here, too. What do we have here? So Online Radio Hey, looks like I got that middle seat there, just between you guys. No, you know what? Uh Online Radio There we go. Sorry. Real quick. Hey, we're on the same team. And I'm in. Dance Radio Freestyle FM Great. And now please rise for our National Anthem. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Yeah! Check me out. I'm Hawaiian Wolverine.

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