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Monday, January 6, 2014

Danu Radio 87.7 Brooklyn, NY

Danu Radio 87.7 Brooklyn, NY, Danu Radio 87.7 Brooklyn, NY Live, Listen Online, World Europe, USA

Huh? No. So jaded. God. You guys are in a wonderland. We've all been given a golden ticket to Wonka's Factory. The only thing missing is Online Radio Is that a fountain of chocolate?! All right. Hey, how'd you get that guy to switch seats? Oh, I asked him nicely. And then I took him on a little trip Online Radio To Cleaveland. Oh, Cleaveland is so beautiful this time of year. Are you watching the game on your phone? No, it's just Threepeat's Instagram. He keeps posting pictures of what's going on in the luxury suite. Who cares what's going on in the luxury suite? Oh, I certainly don't. I'm just happy that Threepeat's finally getting some quality time with Mansfield. In the seat that I usually sit in. Close enough, Threepeat? Why don't you hop in his lap? Ha ha ha. I'm laughing at it, though. Babe, come on. You're here with me. It's a beautiful day. We're just outside of Cleaveland. You're right. You're right, you're right, you're right. That's gotta be crab legs, right? They couldn't have flown in lobster. Ah, who cares? You know, the truth is, I never really got into baseball because it's more of a father/son game. You know, my dad was more into individual sports like tennis and golf and withholding affection. Oh, I think every boy should learn about baseball. It encompasses everything I love Online Radio High salaries, statistical analysis, and those tiny batting helmets that they say are just for kids under , but of course, I say that's bullshit. Well Online Radio you know, sir, I've always wanted to learn how to throw a curvy ball. Curveball's a very meager commodity. It's all about the grip. Take a hold of that and get your finger across the lace and Online Radio when you release it, pull the trigger. You pull the trigger. How does that feel? That feels like a family. Attaboy. Maybe we should have a catch sometime. Oh, I want that so bad. Oh, God. Oh. Young man, is that chocolate that you're drinking? Yeah, yeah, and there's a whole fountain of it right back there. It's making me a little sick, but I'm powering right through it. Score some points! But now I am % totally yours.

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