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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dark Matter Radio

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After I go to the bathroom. Didn't you just go? Yeah, but you keep making me chug my beer every time the Diamondbacks score a run. Dark Matter Radio Speaking of that Online Radio Damn it! Guys, word of warning Online Radio Do not dip the turkey leg in chocolate. It is disgusting and Online Radio Highly addictive. Look who's here. Brody, Brody, Brody! Internet Radio. What are you doing here? I just came down to say hi and just pop back up. Well, you've said hi. You've come down. Now you can pop up. Oh, well, well, well. How does it feel to be on the outside? Pressing your face against the glass, watching us eat our Turkey and chocolate Online Radio Knowing that you will never be the center of attention ever again? Oh! I got it! I got it! Brody just caught that ball with his bare hands! Yeah! Brody! Brody! Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Son, tell it again, won't ya? Okay. So I heard the crack of the bat. I saw the ball out of the corner of my eye, and then boom! Pure reflex. And fun fact Online Radio Dark Matter Radio I'm righthanded, but I caught the ball with my left. I love this game! I love this game so much! Uh, but you know what? I actually do have to get back to Online Radio Jenny. Exactly. Oh. Jenny. I caught you a ball. Oh, my gosh, Brody. Thank you so much! Oh, it hit the guy I threw up on. Well, I'm sorry to interrupt, everyone. Enjoy the rest of the game. Wait, Dark Matter Radio. You know what? Look, if you're gonna sneak around on me, at least have the decency to do it with a really hot chick, not a yearold guy. Okay. Look, I was not sneaking around. I just came down here for a minute to celebrate with my team, but I was gonna come right back up to you, and then I caught the ball with my weak hand. Look, Brody, I know that work comes first. I get it. But on your one day off, I, uh Online Radio I wish that I at least made, like, the top five. Hey, you do. You're more than that. I Online Radio just look, why don't we go up to our seats right now? Oh. Oh, no. 'Cause they're not our seats. They're my seats. So I'm gonna go back to my seat and cheer for my team Online Radio After I take a radio leg. Shouldn't have come down here.

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