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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day Spa Relax- AddictedToRadio

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I am, uh, nine minutes early. Oh. So, Heather, uh, let's get you into the system, yeah? Great. Derrick, we need an I.D. Here. Yeah. All right. Grab a seat. Oh! I must warn you, no matter what you do, you will appear to be crosseyed. Well, I used to take bad photos, so I took a weekend seminar, "Never take a bad photo," and I haven't since. The trick is to act like you're biting an invisible apple. Hey, damn! Bite that invisible apple, girl! No way, Harvard! You are not coming with us to karaoke. Day Spa Relax- AddictedToRadio No offence, but you suck. I'm sorry! Have you heard me sing "American Pie"? Day Spa Relax- AddictedToRadio Yes. And it's way too long, man. And then you start making up your own words. People want to know what happened after he drove the Chevy to the Levee, Derrick. Hey! You went to Harvard? Mmhmm. What? Not you. Did you know a guy named Brody? At Harvard? What? Not you. Are you talking about Brody Moyer? Yeah, yeah! He works upstairs. I'm actually dating him. Oh, my God! I used to date him at Harvard. What? What Online Radio ? Hey, uh, Jenny Online Radio Brody! Brody! Heather, Jenny. So you guys have met. Great! Yeah. Oh, that's wonderful. I was Online Radio I was worried. You know? I was actually thinking Online Radio You're gonna love this. I'm gonna love this. By the way, Heather, you look wonderful. Oh! I mean, you know what I mean? You look amazing, too, Jenny, of course, but I feel like when someone's wearing red, you kind of have to Online Radio That's a guaranteed, like Online Radio You have to say something about that. You've had Internet Radio with both of them. Just trying to move everything along here. Heather, Jenny, I'm glad you guys have met. There's no reason for this to be awkward. So Online Radio how long were you two lovers? Don't say "lovers." All right, I'm sorry. How long did you two makea the Internet Radio, huh? Don't say "makea the Internet Radio." I should get upstairs. Day Spa (Relax)- AddictedToRadio Brody, maybe we can catch up more during lunch. Oh, well, actually, I'm gonna have lunch today with Jenny. Oh. You should totally come. I'd love to. Are you sure it won't be weird? No Online Radio .

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