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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

David Byrne

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We can definitely do something to get off that list. Don't say "definitely" unless you have a plan. I should not be on that list. I love women. I respect women. The most important people in my life are my wife, my daughters, and Barbara Boxer Online Radio my dog! Let me ask the women here, if this is such a Internet Radio, horrible place to work, why hasn't anybody said anything? Oh, son of a Internet Radio! Synced by PPfiend & Reef Season , Episode "Woman on Top" This should not have happened. I don't base my decisions on gender. I hire people based on three criteria Online Radio That they be smart, driven, and have balls. David Byrne And, yes, I heard myself. Well, we should have known, since Threepeat's the only one who uses the ladies' room. Yeah, it's the only one with a fulllength mirror, so Online Radio Well, there aren't gonna be any more men using the ladies' room. In fact, I'm putting a camera in the ladies' room. And, yes, I heard myself again. The days of this being a boys' club are over. In fact, I just made the first of what are going to be many female hires. She is one of the top money managers in the United States. She was top of her class at the Harvard business school.David Byrne Harvard. I went to Harvard. Oh. Didn't take you long to drop the "I went to Harvard" bomb. Her name is Heather Doyle. Oh, my God! Uh, she's my exgirlfriend. We Online Radio We hooked up in business school. Yeah, and it didn't take you long to drop the "I hooked up in business school" bomb. Is this going to be a problem for you? Let me rephrase Online Radio I don't care if this is going to be a problem for you. Uh, no. It Online Radio there Online Radio There's no problem. Are you kidding? The Online Radio II'm just gonna explain it to Jenny. It's totally fine. So, uh, when does this Heather start? Ten minutes. Hi. I'm Heather Doyle. I'm ten minutes early Online Radio To you. To me, I'm ten minutes late, because I like to be minutes early. Could you validate my parking? Oh, never mind. I got it. I'm sorry. What just happened? I just got hired by Remington Trust.

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