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Thursday, January 9, 2014

DeepLink Radio New York City, NY

DeepLink Radio New York City, NY, DeepLink Radio New York City, NY Live, Listen Online, Dance Radio, USA

Oh, wait a minute, there is one way Online Radio Like if she moved here! Okay, you know what? It wasn't just that. She was so competitive. She and I were always fighting over closet space. You lived together? I'm sorry, what Online Radio was that? Brody, Brody, Brody. Just look me in the eye right now and tell me that she is not exactly the kind of woman that you always envisioned yourself with. DeepLink Radio New York City, NY Ugh Online Radio you're perfect together. You guys have everything in common. You know, your ambition and your business suits, and let's not forget your precious Harvard! What? Not you! Well, these are some pretty impressive résumés. Well, they should be. They're of the best female money managers in the country. Lookit, the days of this place being a men's locker room are over. So no more postdeal ass slapping? Regretfully, no. II can't slap a man's ass in the workplace and not also slap a woman's ass, and I can't slap a woman's ass, so I Online Radio I can't slap any ass! Look, I gotta confess to you, this whole experience has been quite freeing for me. You see, I've managed to tap into my feminine side. So tell me, how are things with you in here? Well, actually, Jenny's Online Radio Feeling threatened by Heather? Yeah. How did you know that? Intuition. Of course Jenny is feeling threatened by Heather. You and Heather are Online Radio Well, DeepLink Radio New York City, NY you're the perfect merger. You went to the same school together, you speak the same language Online Radio Hell, you'd spawn a race of superchildren I'd hire in a minute. On paper, you two are an ideal match. Well, we did finish one and two in our class. I won't say who was number one, but, you know Online Radio I was. Well, if you were so perfect together, why'd you break up? Well, we moved to different cities. Wrong! Okay, I can see you're back in touch with your masculine side. You broke up with her because you weren't in love with her. This, uh Online Radio DeepLink Radio New York City, NY this is a picture of my wife. You can look at it long enough to see how beautiful she is, but not so long that it gets awkward. And that should do the trick.

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