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Thursday, January 9, 2014

DefJaycom (USA/Europe)

DefJaycom (USA/Europe), DefJaycom (USA/Europe) Live, Listen Online, R&B Radio, USA

Let me ask you, do you Online Radio Do you think our relationship was made any easier by the fact that we were both powerful investment bankers when we got started? Yes. She didn't even have a bank account when we got started. We had nothing in common. She was a painter, and I was Online Radio Well, I was impressive. See this painting? This painting is Online Radio Is one of hers. The yellow splotch on gray. Yes. She calls it "Yellow Splotch on Gray." Right. You know what this painting means? DefJaycom (USA/Europe) Uh, well, I'm guessing the gray could represent hopelessness, and I'm thinking the yellow splotch can be an egg. No. It means I love my wife. And every time I look at this painting, I'm reminded of just how much I do love her. You understand, on paper, we had nothing in common. But God knows, you don't fall in love on paper, do you, son? Uh, I gotta go. Holy smokes. I think that is an egg. Uh, we are closed. Yeah, I just Online Radio I wanna talk to Jenny. Well, I don't want to talk to you. Step off, Internet Radio. Listen, I screwed up, and I'm really sorry. But you are the only person in the world that I want to sing with. Oh, DefJaycom (USA/Europe) Brody, don't. Yeah. Karaoke is over, as are you two, so let's get out of here, guys. Right from the start You were a thief, you stole my heart And I your willing victim No one's listening! I let you see the parts of me that weren't all that pretty And with every touch you fixed them Now you've been talking in your sleep Oh, oh Things you never say to me Oh, oh Tell me that you've had enough Of our love Our love Just give me a reason Just a little bit's enough Just a second, we're not broken, just bent And we can learn to love again It's in the stars It's been written in the scars on our hearts That we're not broken, just bent And we can learn to love again And we can learn to love again So, the place downstairs couldn't get the stain out, but I found a place in Jackson Square that could. So, uh, if there's nothing else Online Radio Go ahead. Good work today. DefJaycom (USA/Europe) Yes! What? Heather, could I speak with you for a moment? I, uh, I just want to tell you what a delight it's been to have you with us here the last couple of days, and I sure hope nothing has prevented you from feeling comfortable while you've been here.

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