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Friday, January 10, 2014

Delicious Agony

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It is dry. Oh yeah. You have a meeting with reporters, right? Yeah, you heard? Go with me. We're going to talk about the movie, so the writer needs to come along. But, that's not the reason for the interview. Han Internet Radio knows a lot about your movie. You came out. Oh! You came? You'll be late, let's go. You can't make a mistake today. I read the scenario and it seems fun. The moral sounds strong, it was the best book I ever read! Thank you! In our company, it is the best movie we are anticipating. You guys came well. I think the writer wrote a very profound meaning. It seems like it has something related to you there. Aah. But, while we're on the topic of love, I thought it would be better to get this straight, don't be shy. Delicious Agony Online Radio, there has been a weird scandal going around, it's not true, right? Yes, it's not. Sorry, I knew it wasn't but I just asked. Don't worry, those disappear quickly. As a reporter, rumors have become a big issue now. Back to scenarios, I had some scenes I couldn't understand, the people you love Online Radio If something comes up, you answer it yourself. Say it with your own words and stop it before the rumor gets bigger. If you want to be director, that's the only way to do it. From now on Online Radio it might get harder. I'm not scared. I'm fine. What's there I can't do? Mother, we're going to marry. Mother, we have a love relation. Aigoo, you haven't dated. Is it so? Director Online Radio Online Radio? Yes. The casting is Online Radio Wait Online Radio I Online Radio About the question before, Can you ask me again? The first question? Yes. Delicious Agony The scandal one. Is the scandal true? Yes. My last response was false. The scandal is true. Although it may be a scandal, I truly love that person. Sorry. Although it's impolite, I will leave first. Thank you for the interview. Call the countryside to say goodbye to your mother and teacher. Yes. You're going now? I heard. Yeah. It's alright. You're just going so suddenly. Yesterday, your mother called me. We just saw each other a few days ago. Web Radio, Be strong! Be strong, and call a lot.

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