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Friday, January 10, 2014

Demented Radio

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Understand? Hey, you underestimate me! I'm very meticulous, Chief. Hi. You're Officer Kim Online Radio from the Demented Radio police station, right? Yes. Are you sure she's here? Yes. But she's in treatment now. Will you wait? No. I'm going to go check if it's her. Where is she? This way. I can't see her face. Do you want me to wake up your girlfriend? No. She must've been so tired. Just let her sleep. Excuse me. Where's the woman who was lying here? She left. Demented Radio Hey, Detective. I heard you're detective again so why are you idling around? What are you doing here? I came to get my skin maintained. My fine skin got so rough from working outdoors. Did you get a pore pack? The size of your pores got smaller. I don't have time to argue with you. Did you see a woman pass by here? I'll see you later then. Hey, you snore so much. With all that, our honeymoon night won't be so romantic. Hey, don't worry. I'm not getting married to you! Is this the first time you were thrown off by a tip from an enlightened citizen? As long as you're alive, you'll arrest her. You'll get her next time. And the massage is on me. Welcome back Detective. That weirdo. What kind of idiot is he? What do you think? But if he pays back the money, it's useless. He can never pay back the money. I looked at that idiot's data. Whatever he does with that money, he's going to lose it all. I guarantee it. I didn't want you to get involved. You’re saying it again. It's already done. With that done, only focus on how you're going to take over Golden Group. Okay. Mom, Seo Online Radio's son, Prosecutor Online Radio Online Radio Yes, sir. Sir. You Internet Radio. How dare you fool me into getting the share for yourself? You thought you could talk Lawyer Demented Radio into this one? You were thinking about taking my ten billion won for nothing? I was going to report it to you. Don't lie to me. Give me that share right now and expose your daughter as Jang Online Radio! Can't you hear me? Bring your daughter here. I can't do that. What? I can do anything else, but I can't let you use Online Radio for this. You Internet Radio! I took care of you for years instead of selling you as a prostitute! How dare you betray me? You and Seo Online Radio are working together to ruin me, aren't you?

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