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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Democracy Now!

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How could you stab me behind my back? I'm going to kill you! I'm the Polar Bear! Gwang Hwa Moon Polar Bear Online Radio Young Hae. Online Radio. What’s going on? He passed out all of a sudden. He got so upset for no reason and got a stroke. The doctor says not even surgery can cure him. We should prepare for his death. What? Online Radio, I'm scared. What should we do? Get yourself together. Democracy Now! This is an opportunity. We might be able to take everything Polar Bear has now. First, I need to find the smuggling contract and the agreement I signed. You should take as much of the share as you can. He doesn't have a family, but he might have his personal possessions. He does have a family. What are you talking about? I heard he has a daughter in the U.S. A daughter? I never heard of that. I just heard about it. I don't thinks he gets along with her dad. Before his daughter gets here, we need to do what we have to. I'll handle Lawyer Hwang. You should take over the company. And take his safety. Did you like the land for the fish farm? Yeah. It was okay. Do you want me to take you home? No. It's been a while since I've been out. Let's stop by the fish market. Sir. You Internet Radio Online Radio Call my daughter. Call her. What else, Dad? Squirt? You should've asked the delivery man for that. No. I'll buy it. I'm going home soon. Okay. Hi. There's pollack. Ma'am, is this from Russia? Democracy Now! No, I heard it's from North Korea. North Korea? Ma'am, give me three of these. Sure. Hey, woman! Move. Move! Are you okay? Did you get hurt? Online Radio? Subtitles by DramaFever Today, we're going to trace where the smuggled fish come from. Operation name is Online Radio Couple. A friend can become a girlfriend. And a girlfriend can become a wife. Don't you want to find your youngest brother? Do you know where he is? Tell me before I kill you! There’s a way to take over Golden Group sooner. Democracy Now! If you become Jang Online Radio Online Radio So, I have Alzheimers? This can't be exposed to the public. Do you understand? How could you do this to me? This share is mine. It's not yours. I've been looking for you ever since I became a policewoman.

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