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Saturday, January 11, 2014


DESTROYER NET, DESTROYER NET Radio Live, Listen online, Electronica, Drum Bass, USA

I never knew you would change your identity. You're amazing, Online Radio. Tonight will be a long night. Because I have a lot to ask you. Let's go. Excuse me. What are you doing now without a warrant? The arrest warrant will come in hours. So go tell your boss, Polar Bear, that I'll be coming to get him soon. Hi, Secretary Han. Mom? For what? No. You don't have to call anyone else. I'll go there. Which police station is it? What's going on? You said you're reinvestigating Internet Radio, but you arrested somebody else instead. I, the head of this office, should know what's going on here. She's someone behind Internet Radio. I'll tell you when Kim Online Radio is done questioning her. Why did you let Kim Online Radio interrogate the woman? She's still new and still on probation. She caused some problems before. If my superiors find out about it, we'll be in trouble. Chief, your wife tells you not to come home if it's possible, doesn't she? How did you know that? She hates you because you talk too much. Just stay here. DESTROYER NET Shh Online Radio Shut the mouth. Be quiet. Silence is golden. You'll get something good if you shut up Online Radio What else is there? Zip it. Okay? I didn't know you would become a policewoman. Are the kids doing well? Online Radio. I didn't bring you here to ask how you're doing. What did you say my charge is? I'll question you about that later. Explain the lie you told years ago. My dad smuggled goods because of your debt, didn't he? No. I thought it was because of your debt. But after I found out who you really are, my thoughts changed. Vice president of World Wide Loan. Ishiyala DESTROYER NET. Did you become a vice president by making my dad smuggle goods? Did you join hands with moneylenders and approach my dad so he could work for you? Answer me. Because of you, my dad was in prison for years. No. Combining the incident involving your daughter, Online Radio he spent his youth in prison. Why did you do that? Why did you do that to my dad? You ruined my family. Because you made my dad smuggle goods Il Won Online Radio Il Won died. And we lost Internet Radio.

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