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Monday, January 13, 2014

Dimensions in Jazz

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Where's Prosecutor Seo? He's Online Radio who went to the same school with us, isn't he? Grandson of Golden Group. You two are so persistent. Have you been seeing each other since then? What's your point? I want to ask you this. What's the reason to bother my mom by using your old friend? Are you trying to reveal the truth in a case that happened in the past? And this is why you became a policewoman? Yes. People who throw stones at others forget Online Radio how much it hurts them. I'm going to avenge the wound we got from her. You're misunderstanding something here. I told you before Online Radio that even if the truth is revealed, my mom won't be charged for what she did in the past. Because of the statute of limitations. And the charges you put on her are somewhat forced. World Wide Loan is a legal company. Just because time has passed doesn't mean she hasn't done anything wrong. Dimensions in Jazz You're the same kind of woman she is! Don't you feel sorry for Dad? Who took you in when you had nowhere to go? It was you who begged Dad to accept you as family when your real dad got arrested! If I had known that your dad was a criminal, I wouldn't have asked him to take me in. W what did you say? Dimensions in Jazz No matter how many times you deny it, your dad is a smuggler. Even if it was a mistake, your dad did kill Il Won. Blaming others won't get rid off that fact. Shut up! I'm sorry I'm a bit late. What's going on here? I'm going to start the interrogation soon. Does this woman need to be here for the interrogation? She's my partner. I dug up some information about this. Why does a constable on probation have to help a prosecutor on this case? Why is Online Radio coming so late? It's almost twelve o'clock. She doesn't go home directly from her office, does she? Because she's a policewoman. Sometimes she's undercover on stakeouts and comes home the next day. You can home home. There's one table to take care of. They will go home soon. You can go home and sleep. I will clean up. You should go home and rest. You have to go out to fish tomorrow morning. I'm going out late in the morning and I'll probably be back the next day.

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